The most effective method for learning German at home

Murshida K P

22 June 2022

Thinking to learn German while you’re at home? Sure, this is a great plan. Learning German language is not as hard as you think.  If you’re looking for the finest way to learn this language, then you can find many options at your disposal.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, some home-based methods are better. From free apps such as Duolingo education app, Memrise app, full live online classes, YouTube classes, hybrid classes – the options are many.

How Can You Learn To Speak, Write and Understand German at Home?

You can explore a lot more resources than you might realize. Well, there are many effective methods. You’ve to find the right ones!

  • CD programs, audio courses 
  • German radio and podcasts, TV shows
  • German books and newspapers
  • Grammar internet-based games


Get Maximum Learning Outcomes with Digital Hybrid Courses

For students looking for flexible learning experience, hybrid classes are a great option. 

Digital hybrid courses effectively combine online with traditional classroom instruction. It provides flexibility which in turn facilitates the learning process through Video Lectures, Practice Exercises, Tests, etc. and live classes – all by highly qualified instructors. 

Digital hybrid courses are delivered over a platform that is available on iOS, Android, and on the web. Moreover, you have the option to learn the digital modules from anywhere at any time. On the platform, a learner can access the video lectures, exercises, and quizzes. 

One such platform is the Edurupt. A startup based in Kochi, Kerala, Edurupt is changing ways of traditional classroom instruction, by delivering courses based on the Digital Hybrid Cohort Model (DHC).  

DHC Model includes 3 major pillars:

  • Digital Content
  • Live Online Classes
  • Cohort of Classmates


Learn German Online in Kerala by signing up to platforms like Edurupt. This platform is a great way to start learning your conversation skills early and fast. Through this platform, German A1 Certification courses are offered both in video-only format and hybrid format

Why is Edurupt the Best Learning Option?

  • On-demand lectures 
  • Effective in-person time 
  • Maximize time utilization
  • Student don’t have to sacrifice and miss important lectures
  • Help students understand the topics better
  • When lectures are streamed or recorded, students can easily log on and learn whenever their schedule permits


Get a fresh start on your German language-learning journey. 

Happy learning! Vielen Dank…


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