What is DHC?

The Digital Hybrid Cohort Model of Education (DHC Model) is a pioneering education model developed by Edurupt in 2020. It aims to address the global challenges in providing high quality, engaging and affordable education.

The DHC Model includes 3 major pillars:

  1. Digital Content
  2. Live Online Classes
  3. Cohort of Classmates

Digital Content

Edurupt’s digital modules include video lectures having powerful animations, online exercises and quizzes which help develop a deep understanding of various concepts. Digital content has the power of animation and visualizations which can augment the instructor in helping students grasp complex topics. It also brings in a lot of flexibility as course attendees can take the course from anywhere at any time.

Live Online Classes

The Edurupt hybrid model ensures that all basic concepts are available in a flexible digital format and live classes with an expert instructor can be used for learning advanced concepts and for Q&A. This will make the overall course affordable and the same expert instructor can reach a much larger student audience than would have been possible otherwise. Live classes bring personalization and feedback that digital content cannot provide.


Cohort of Classmates

Often, a major challenge with current digital education models is that peer learning is missing. Edurupt hybrid courses are all operated in cohorts where students can interact and learn from each other on our online platform while being able to work together on group projects and assignments.

DHC – The Game Changer

The Digital Hybrid Cohort Model (DHC) is designed to give course participants the best of all worlds – high quality, cost effectiveness, flexibility to learn the digital modules from anywhere at any time and engagement facilitated by powerful animations, live classes & online classmates.

Our Platform

Our online software platform available on the web, iOS and Android supports digital content, live classes and online peer to peer discussions.


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