Reasons Why You Really Can Learn & Speak German

Murshida K P

30 June 2022

Reasons Why You Really Can Learn & Speak German

Do you want to learn & speak German in the comforts of your own home? Get Edurupt, a versatile and active online platform providing multi-disciplinary learning courses. Edurupt is an ed-tech startup from Kerala that is changing ways of traditional education.

With Edurupt, you can speak and learn German with ease. Edurupt provides courses based on the Digital Hybrid Cohort Model (DHC). DHC Model A1 Certification German Courses are designed in a way, where the candidates can attain maximum understanding of the courses. These courses are available in Malayalam and English medium. The classes can be accessed by people from all walks of life.

If you don’t live in Germany, mastering German language might be very challenging. However, Edurupt gives you access to a distinct, quick, and highly effective learning strategy that enables you to learn German using a hybrid model of education.     

The courses combine live lessons led by highly skilled instructors with digital content (video lectures, practice exercises, tests, etc.). This is what is called Digital Hybrid. Additionally, group instruction is provided for all courses so that students can work together and learn as a group. This is the Cohort model.

Why Choose Edurupt?

Here are the 3 reasons as to why you should start learning German using Edurupt.

  • Hybrid Model Of Education
    • Video lessons & online exercise
    •  Live classes from internationally certified trainers
    • Cohort – learn from & together with online classmates
  • Digital Curriculum designed by Internationally certified Educators
  • Vocabulary training & preparation for certification exam


One of the main highlights is that the students can do the course from anywhere, which saves a great deal of time and cost of travel. Apart from the online courses that only have video lectures, this platform has a teacher and online peers, which makes it much more engaging and beneficial.

Start using Edurupt and learn and speak German fast anytime, anywhere. Ask for FREE German Course TODAY!

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