Spoken English – 100 hours

We aim to teach international quality spoken English at affordable prices
Last Updated - 3 Aug 2022
Edurupt-Spoken English – 100 hours
₹ 6,800
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100 Hours

Course Overview

We aim to teach international quality spoken English at affordable prices. We do that by providing:

  • Teaching great live in person lessons – with 30 scripted lesson plans at 3 different levels
  • Giving students get high quality practice outside of lessons – using an app that gives live feedback on spoken English


  • Incredibly interactive & fast-paced, with students hearing or speaking 6,000 words per lesson
  • Focused on full sentences, not memorising words
  • Covers lots of topics in every lesson, like real conversation, with scientific spaced repetition for mastery
  • Immerses students in English, using dual coding to set context

We provide classes at 3 different levels:


Beginner Spoken English

  1. Equivalent of CEFR level A2
  2. Introduces 1300+ new words and 50+ new sentence forms
  3. Learn to speak about yourself, the world around you, basic grammar & sentences

Advanced English

  1. Over 1800+ new words and model sentences
  2. English applicable to most social settings

Expert Spoken English

  1. 100 hours flexible, personalised course up to CEFR C2 (Cambridge)
  2. Hundreds of real-life English-speaking scenarios
  3. Presentation, interview, public speaking skills

Note: This course is offered in association with The Queen’s English.