Find Out The Process To Learn The German Language In India

Murshida K P

30 June 2022

Germany is the largest economy in Europe. There are 29 German Companies on the Fortune 500. Career opportunities for professionals are endless in the country making the nation’s capital – Berlin, a start-up Hotspot in Europe. The German language has over 95 million native speakers which makes it the Second-most widely used Language in all of Europe, after English.

Searching for a convenient way to learn German in India? Look no further than Edurupt. Edurupt is a Digital Platform which specializes in developing high quality digital hybrid courses (Digital Content & Online Instructor-led) and delivering them through digital channels

Process of Registering with Edurupt

The registration process with Edurupt is an easy and simplified process. Even if you are a first time user, you will not find any complications to complete the registration process. The step by step process is available here:

After completing the basic steps, you will receive an email that details how to access the Learning Platform, Batch start dates and Live class timings.

Accessing your Course after Registration

Learn German with Edurupt and get a golden opportunity to move to Germany. Watch this video to learn about how to access your course after registration. 

Students can access the digital modules from anywhere at any time. On the Edurupt platform, a learner can access the video lectures and exercises. To interact with the Teacher and your classmates for an engaging learning experience, in-platform Chat feature is available. After the successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Edurupt. 

Universities for Higher studies and Companies for career opportunities are endless in Germany making it a hotspot for today’s youth and professionals. Needless to say, learning German a worthwhile skill to invest yourself in. 

In today’s digital era, learning a language can be easily carried out in the comforts of your own home. For any queries, visit the FAQ page of Edurupt platform.

Happy Learning and Viel Glück!

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