Compare Different German Certification Exams – ÖSD, Goethe, Telc & TestDAF


22 August 2022

The German Certification exams are similar to the English IELTS or TOFL exam, where you will have to give a German language exam as a prerequisite to study, work or settle in Germany. The examinations are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). CEFR was published in 2001 by the Council of Europe. Some of the most commonly exams opted for by the learners are namely- ÖSD, Goethe, Telc & TestDAF.

The above said courses help students to improve their listening and speaking skills and also aid with the reading, writing proficiency in the language by providing for and giving uniform weightage to all of them.

Comparing the Various German Certification Exams

ÖSD is the abbreviation for Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD). ÖSD exams are recognised in an international level. They range from levels A1 to C2. The A1 and A2 levels of this exam focuses on communications skills at a basic level, including normal day to day communication based on the simple circumstances of everyday life.

The B1 and B2 levels help you in being more proficient in the language so that you can engage in conversations with native speakers coherently. These levels also come in handy, if you are looking to be well versed in German in a professional capacity. The C1 and C2 levels are needed in a more complex communication domain, and may only be required for certain advanced professional needs.

Goethe is yet another German language proficiency exam for people looking to move to Germany. The levels of this exam are the same as that of ÖSD, i.e. A1 to C2. The Goethe-Institut certificate (Zertifikat) is also a recognised German language certification, which can be used for visa applications, residence permits and citizenship applications and university entrance application requirements in Germany.

Telc (also known as The European Language Certificates) correspond to the CEFR levels of examination and they also have particularized exams concentrating on topics like language at workplace, language for nurses and carers etc.TestDaF stands for Test Deutsch ALS Fremdsprache. This language proficiency test is of an advanced level and is recognised internationally. It encompasses levels B2 To C1 (i.e., Upper Intermediate to Lower Advanced level) of the CEFR.

Which German Certification Exam Should You Go For?Undoubtedly ÖSD. More than 100,000 candidates from all around the world give an ÖSD exam every year. An added benefit for the B2 level of ÖSD is that, this exam is easier to clear as you are only required to pass listening, reading and writing segments together with a score of 60% and the speaking segment separately with 60%. Furthermore, you also get the additional benefit of using dictionaries for this level only in the ÖSD exam. ÖSD exams are conducted every month. Registration can be made on our exam registration page.

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